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All About Zcoin

All About Zcoin
What is Zcoin?
Zcoin, also referred to as XZC or Zerocoin, is an open source decentralized cryptocurrency that provides privacy and anonymity for its users when making transactions.
To achieve its privacy and anonymity, Zcoin uses zero-knowledge proofs via the Zerocoin protocol, which is at this moment in time one of the most cited cryptography papers.
According to Wikipedia, in cryptography, a zero-knowledge proof or zero-knowledge protocol is a method in which one party proves to another party (the verifier) that a given statement is actually true.
In other words, in a transaction with Bitcoin or Ethereum or something similar, your transaction history is always linked to your coins by default, leaving you vulnerable. All it takes is one link to your personal information or IP to find out the origin of the coins.
However, when you trade with Zcoin’s Zercoin feature, your transaction history is not linked to the actual coins. Only the receiver and sender know that the funds have actually been exchanged.

How Does Zcoin Work?

Zcoin works on the Zerocoin protocol by enforcing Zero-knowledge proofs. Here are the components of Zcoin to explain how it works.
Mint: When sending a private transaction with Zcoin, all you need to do is select the number of coins you want to mint. Post that your normal Zcoin balance would reduce automatically and you will be credited with new coins and no transaction history. In essence, your old coins are burned cryptographically, which prevents anyone else from using them again and being directed to your transaction history. You get credited with new coins with no history, while the total supply is maintained.
For now, you can only mint in denominations of 1, 10, 25, 50 and 100. If you choose ‘100’ coins to be minted, for instance, you will instantly be credited with 100 new Zcoins with no history attached to them.
  • Spend: When you want to make a private transaction, you will be required to use these ‘100’ newly minted coins. From this pool of funds, you can now send any amount in any denomination to anyone anonymously because no history is attached to it.
  • Repeat: You can ‘mint’ and ‘send’ Zcoins any number of times at anytime with your privacy intact.

Zcoin’s Vision

Zcoin seeks to improve things that Bitcoin hasn’t been able to so far, some of which include fungibility, privacy and miner’s centralization.
Users of Zcoin can enjoy full fungibility and privacy along with demolishing miner’s centralization by implementing a better proof of work algorithm called MTP.
Total Zcoin supply
Only 21 million units of Zcoin will ever be produced. Currently, there are about 3.4 million units in circulation, with the rest yet to be mined.
But the total supply has increased by 388450 XZC units after a Zcoin code bug, which the team refused to roll back due to economic reasons, which is why the total supply stands at approximately 21.4 million.
Every 10 minutes, a Zcoin block is mined and 50 coins are generated, making 72,000 Zcoins per day.
Market cap of Zcoin
According to CoinMarketCap, the total circulating supply of Zcoin is 5,757,841 XZC and the current unit price is $9.6. That makes the market cap approximately $55 million*.*

How To Buy Zcoin Cryptocurrency

If you are looking to get some Zcoin, here is a list of resources where it can be bought from.
  • Atomars – Supported pairs are XZC/BTC, XZC/ETH, XZC/USDT
  • Binance - Supported pairs are XZC/BTC, XZC/ETH, XZC/BNB
  • Huobi - Supported pairs are XZC/BTC, XZC/ETH
  • Bittrex - Supported pairs are XZC/BTC
  • Cryptopia - Supported pairs are XZC/BTC, XZC/LTC, XZC/DOGE
  • CoinExchange - Supported pairs are XZC/BTC
  • - Supported pairs are XZC/EUR
Note: At the moment, buying XZC in fiat currencies such as USD, EUR, or GBP is quite difficult.
Zcash is a decentralized and open-source peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that provides strong privacy protections. It was created as a fork of Bitcoin and, like bitcoin, it also has a hard limit of 21 million coins. Unlike bitcoin, however, Zcash offers total privacy for its users maintaining the absolute anonymity behind each transaction along with the parties and the amounts involved in it.
PIVX, which stands for Private Instant Verified Transaction, is an open-source, decentralized form of digital online money that uses blockchain technology. This makes it easy to transfer all around the world in an instant with low transaction fees with market leading security & privacy. PIVX focuses on privacy, security, anonymity, and instant transactions.
Monero is a fast, private, secure and untraceable digital currency system that uses a special kind of cryptography to keep all its transactions 100% unlinkable and untraceable. With Monero, you are your own bank. You can spend safely, knowing that others cannot see your balances or track your activity.
Some Zcoin misconceptions
There are some misconceptions regarding Zcoin:
  • Some believe that, since Zcoin has a trusted setup that allows indefinite minting of coins, it is not safe. This is untrue. Of course, to start with they had to use a trusted setup because they have an auditable total coin supply that prevents any form of cheating. This downside however, is being taken care of by removing this trusted setup in the near future and when that happens, Zcoin will be one of the serious coins to count on for privacy.
  • Zcoin has been considered as Zcash’s fork but that is also not true because Zcash is based on the Zerocash protocol whereas Zcoin was started from scratch by applying Zerocoin tech.
Now that some of the Zcoin’s misconceptions have been cleared, here’s a look into its future.

Zcoin’s Future & Roadmap

Zcoin’s future is quite promising and worth watching based on these interesting milestones on their roadmap:
  • Zcoin is the first coin to implement MTP proof of work, which makes it possible for general masses to mine Zcoin with GPUs and CPUs. MTP doesn’t allow costly ASIC-like miners to mine XZC coins.
  • Zcoin is also implementing Znodes to make their cryptocurrency more decentralized and anonymous. These Znodes will be like masternodes and facilitate anonymous transactions as making an anonymous transaction single-handedly is quite computational.
  • Znodes will be incentivized by reducing some portion of the founder’s reward. Also, the surplus funds that get generated from the founder’s reward reduction would be used for hiring new developers and increased marketing efforts.
  • Another agenda on their roadmap is to bring inbuilt Tor or some IP obfuscation mechanism that will make it completely anonymous.
  • Apart from these, some innovative and exciting things like sigma protocol, decentralized anonymous voting and Zcoin Labs are on their roadmap, making this project worth checking out.
  • Last but not least, its recent price is a good indicator of its healthy market sentiment and shows that there are people who understand this project’s worth. Just to put things into perspective – a unit of Zcoin was priced $2 in March 2017 and now it is $37*.*

Zcoin Team & Progress

Zerocoin is a cryptocurrency proposed by professor Matthew D. Green, a professor of Johns Hopkins University, and graduate students Ian Miers and Christina Garman. It was proposed as an extension to the Bitcoin protocol that would add true cryptographic anonymity to Bitcoin transactions.
Zerocoin was first implemented into a fully functional cryptocurrency and released to the public by Poramin Insom, the lead developer, as Zcoin in September 2016.
Some of the notable dev members of the team are listed below.
Poramin Insom
Founder and Core Developer
Poramin Insom created what was the world's 4th most valuable cryptocurrency in February 2014. He is also the world's first person to implement stealth addresses in QT-Wallets, improving cryptocurrency anonymity. He earned a master’s degree in Information Security from Johns Hopkins University, where he wrote a paper on a proposed practical implementation of the Zerocoin protocol.
Alexander N.
Alexander N. aka Aizensou is a full-stack developer who has experience in many programming languages (C++, C#, Python, Perl, Java etc.) and has been involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2013. He has a broad development portfolio from low level APIs in Python and C++ to Android native applications in Java. In addition to his involvement in cryptocurrencies, Alexander was doing his P.h.D. in machine learning at a German university from 2012 to 2016.
Saran Siriphantnon
Saran Siriphantnon is the CTO of, a fintech company focusing on creating an open financial system for Southeast Asia. He served as President of the Computer System Administrator Group at King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang.
Tadhg Riordan
Solidity Developer
Tadhg Riordan is a 24 year old Software Developer from Wexford, Ireland. He recently completed his MSc from Trinity College Dublin, where he worked with Blockchain privacy mechanisms, focusing particularly on Zero-Knowledge Proofs and the Ethereum platform. He is a strong advocate for the adoption of cryptocurrency and for complete financial privacy.
Apart from these, their team comprises of other developers, community managers, support personnel and advisors who maintain the required balance.


Aram Jivanyan (Cryptography Advisor): Co-Founder at Skycryptor & KMSchai
Torphop Korgtadam (It Security Consultant): Senior Vice President, Head Of Internal Audit Strategy, Innovation and Decision Science at United Overseas Bank Limited
Alexander N. aka Aizensou (Advisor)

Unique/Key Features Against Its Competitors:

  • Anonymous transactions. The project establishes a notably higher level of anonymity and seeks to bypass current analysis techniques which governments use to reveal the identity of users.
  • Not subject to transaction graph analysis. Zcoin has an anonymity set that encompasses all minted coins in a particular RSA accumulator that can scale to many thousands.
  • Innovative process. Tokens are burned cryptographically and replaced with new coins without a transaction history. This actively prevents anyone else from using the tokens again and stops the public from being directed to a user's transaction history.
  • Transparency focused. Zcoin's main advantage is its auditable money supply.
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Log of AMA with particl

Let's all give a warm welcome to team members - @umbrah, @dasource, @litebit, @rynomster, @imyb, @ludx, @synergy - you can start asking them questions. You know the drill - wait till they respond (not more than 3 questions of backlog) so they can catch up. (edited)
umbrah Thanks @boldninja , we're ready to answer questions anytime :slightly_smiling_face:
rynomster thanks @boldninja, thanks Ark for having us
macdac Hey guys, so Ill be the first to ask, where are we as far as the mainnet release?
litebit macdac: we are waiting for Particl foundation to be approved. Paperwork is in Swiss regulator's hands and we're waiting for them to approve so they can oversee us create PART tokens and distribute PART tokens
jeffjam Since Micah seems not to be present, is he still part of the team?
litebit jeffjam: micah is still a member of the team as an advisor. he has and will continue to contribute to the Particl project. On top of that, his fiance just said yes, so he's pretty busy :slightly_smiling_face:
litebit is it ok to answer in threads @boldninja or do we usually just do a long string?
tranzer welcome Particl - just learning about you guys looks promising and interesting concept. Can I ask how much did you guys raise and currentl holdings you have (mainly asking if you have enough for years to come) ?
litebit @macdac we are waiting for Particl foundation to be approved. Paperwork is in Swiss regulator's hands and we're waiting for them to approve so they can oversee us create PART tokens and distribute PART tokens
umbrah @jeffjam micah is still a member of the team as an advisor. he has and will continue to contribute to the Particl project. On top of that, his fiance just said yes, so he's pretty busy :slightly_smiling_face:
macdac @litebit, did they say anything as far as when they will approve like an approximate date or just when they get to it?
litebit macdac: once foundation is formed we'll use a couple days to do final prep for mainnet setup and then release the clients, source and tokens
litebit @macdac once foundation is formed we'll use a couple days to do final prep for mainnet setup and then release the clients, source and tokens
ryano What is particl
litebit ryano: to put it simply, Particl will be an anonymous, crypto-agnostic marketplace. this will be a self-governed decentralized system
commodore64 Hey Particl team, can you comment on whether or not the fact that it's taking the Swiss Regulator so long to approve has anything to do with any problems that have surfaced, and if so, what those problems are, or is it typical for it to take this long?
litebit commodore64: I know Zug is getting bombarded with cryptocurrency startups.
zedsix Hi there team at Particl, will the GUI be released alongside mainnet?
litebit zedsix: we have started testing the GUI internally. There will be a testnet with the GUI prior to mainnet
macdac @litebit, and you guys are 100% sure they will approve and is just a matter or time??
umbrah @ryano to put it simply, Particl will be an anonymous, crypto-agnostic marketplace. this will be a self-governed decentralized system
tranzer Who do you see as your biggest competitior in blockchain and in traditional sense of the way atm?
mgaruccio So if it's crypto agnostic where does the value of PART come from?
litebit mgaruccio: what's good about particl is that buyers can pay in whatever coin they want, provided it's available in shapeshift. it will automatically be converted to particl. it will be the receiver's choice to sell, hold or stake particl
mr_robot @rynomster When can we expect a working beta of the marketplace? Is the team focused on developing a mobile app version that can do staking on a mobile platform as well?
rynomster @zedsix, we have started testing the GUI internally. There will be a testnet with the GUI prior to mainnet
jarunik Why should i use it and how will you ensure a vivid marketplace?
macdac Are you guys sure of the Swiss foundation approval, that they will approve?
umbrah @mgaruccio what's good about particl is that buyers can pay in whatever coin they want, provided it's available in shapeshift. it will automatically be converted to particl. it will be the receiver's choice to sell, hold or stake particl
litebit @commodore64 I know Zug is getting bombarded with cryptocurrency startups.
zedsix Long time supporter for Shadowcash/Particl since the early days. The biggest gripe I have with the transparency and delays between the team and the community/supporters/investors. This has stemmed from the Shadowcash days - do you have any plans to change the way you address any delays? NB. Nothing against your team, I love the work produced - as a long term supporter I would like to see a company take a more proactive approach to issues that have stemmed in the past and not release hype/release dates until 100% certain.
rynomster @mr_robot, In terms of our timeline, we anticpate the beta to be out mid October, that's without the reputation system.
michaelthecryptoguy Can you explain your exchange mechanism somewhat? What exactly takes place in the background? Explain the client server side of that token being exchanged to the customer receiving that different coin :coinspin:
sacode Any plans to integrate fiat gateway? I don´t see how particl can go mainstream without this feature!
b.b.2k17 will Particl team implant feature similiar to delegatation (dPoS) in order for small staker to vote on propsoal without setting a node?
umbrah @zedsix as you can probably see on twitter, blogs, 3rd party media etc, we are actively informing the community about the status of particl. good or bad. you can see this on
litebit @macdac our legal counsel is Swiss based and have been through this process before so we're trusting they have all the right docs to get the job done. We were only told it takes 2 weeks to receive the answer once they have paperwork
rynomster @mr_robot, we intend to have the reputation system in place towards the end of October, at the same time we will have the protocols and codebase audited
umbrah @sacode
commodore64 @rynomster Hi there, long-term supporter. I bought SDC back in February of 2015 and have been following the project closely the whole time. One thing I have a problem with is that you have announced the marketplace launch a number of times. For the first half of 2015 you continually said that it would be ready by the end of the year, then the same message was communicated in 2016. The constant missed deadlines have caused me concern, and now I'm still not sure what to believe about the market launch.
So why now should we believe in the October date?
umbrah @sacode yes there is a plan. there are ideas but not limited to coordinating with companies like changelly, so buyers can use credit cards. but priority is still the marketplace
zedsix ^ That's currently how I feel, everytime we receive a release date it never happens - it gets concerning when a company keeps doing this and doesn't learn from the previous time it occurs that you shouldn't release a release date if you're not 100% certain that you'll meet the timeline, @umbrah - the announcements posted on social media primarily are related to delays. I won't go into detail - we'll leave it there. (edited)
rynomster @commodore64, back then we barely had a functioning team. In 2015 the SDC team pretty much fell apart. Funding dried up and there was no real teamwork.. People work working on what they wanted to work on, and there were constantly issues arising that would take priority over the MP. Particl has a team now, as well as funding, a project manager, and we are busy growing. (edited)
sacode How will you approach sellers to use particl market?
tranzer Posting questions again : Can I ask how much did you guys raise and currentl holdings you have (mainly asking if you have enough for years to come) ? Who do you see as your biggest competitior in blockchain and in traditional sense of the way atm?
macdac Will you guys release with ringCT due October?
rynomster @macdac, ringCT is currently in testnet 3
b.b.2k17 I quite like the delegate feature in ARK. Will Particl team implant feature similiar to delegatation (dPoS) in order for small staker to vote for their delegate on propsoal without setting a node?
umbrah @sacode there are a lot of upsides for sellers to use particl market. less paper works, tax breaks (depending on location), more security for seller, not to mention cheaper. we will approach them on more than 1 way. 1 st priority however will be existing crypto sellers
commodore64 @rynomster thank you.
throwplastic @umbrah what do you mean with "existing crypto sellers" as your 1st priority?
umbrah @b.b.2k17 currently there is no plan on changing the PoS structure. I agree dPoS has their upsides, but for the product that particl is setting up, PoS is the perfect choice currenctly
synergy @commodore64 there have been governance issues that have arisen that have delayed the project but now there is a dedicated team of 15 people of which 10 are working full time
commodore64 Another question for the particl team: Will the marketplace allow the ability to create a private market that would require either registration or invitation?
mr_robot Was this answered? I'm also curious on the details of how this works michaelthecryptoguy Can you explain your exchange mechanism somewhat? What exactly takes place in the background? Explain the client server side of that token being exchanged to the customer receiving that different coin :coinspin: Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:09 PM
macdac What will be the main differences between the Part wallet and the old Umbra?
umbrah @throwplastic sorry, let me clarify. currently, there are a lot of existing sellers who are also sellers on amazon/ebay etc, also people capitalizing on selling crypto merchandize, these will be our initial users and we'll work on that growth
b.b.2k17 (dont forget slack has reply to thread feature, easier to follow the questions and answer)
rynomster @macdac, Particl is being built on the bitcoin core 0.14 codebase. We are building the GUI from the ground up, using Angular (2), and electron. Umbra used QtWebkit, and native html5 + jquery. The UI is new, as well as a way healthier backend inherited from bitcoin core
macdac Is Crz here with a different username? if not can you guys tell us how the GUI of Part is going? What is he working on now?
b.b.2k17 macdac: here is a link to their GitHub, you can see the progress:
sherp Also curious about this tranzer Posting questions again : Can I ask how much did you guys raise and currentl holdings you have (mainly asking if you have enough for years to come) ? Who do you see as your biggest competitior in blockchain and in traditional sense of the way atm? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:15 PM
litebit Particl in it's current state is a privacy platform, so we would be in competition with privacy coins. We are testing Confidential Transactions and RingCT on our TESTNET3 atm. Monero is the only other currency using RingCT and only a view others are using CT. Particl is the first to use this tech on Bitcoin codebase. We also have a decentralized voting mechanism so projects like Decred who are excelling at governance are projects we would also be similar too.
Once our market is out we'd have competition from other decentralized marketplaces like bitbay, OpenBazaar, Syscoin's blockmarket and a couple ethereum projects in early phases of development. We'd also be competing against ecommerce sites on clearnet that are strictly centralized models.
The cool thing with the market is it'll be crypto-agnostic so no crypto would be competition. OB also will offer a crypto-agnostic market and I don't recall if Syscoin's does at this time. tranzer Who do you see as your biggest competitior in blockchain and in traditional sense of the way atm? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:06 PM
umbrah @mr_robot what we want for particl marketplace to be is a seamless system where buyer doesn't even know he's buying particl to transact. this will be beneficial to normal users who are not familiar with crypto
b.b.2k17 macdac: here is a link to their GitHub, you can see the progress: GitHub particl/partgui partgui - Particl Angular GUI - The source for the Particl GUI.
rynomster @macdac, crz is working on the GUI wireframes still, as well as the new website design. He will be helping out with the GUI as soon as he is finished with his current tasks, to give it some polish (edited)
throwplastic @umbrah thanks for clarifying, that makes sense. Will there be any mechanisms in place to ensure that no illegal products are sold?
umbrah @tranzer currently there is openbazaar (OB), but we believe we will have more features like anonymity, staking and others.
trixter- Particl team: Will their be a 3rd party Audit for RingCT feature before forking it, and do you have an idea how much time this audit could take?
zedsix When's Particl expected to reach exchanges?
michaelthecryptoguy Can you explain your exchange mechanism somewhat? What exactly takes place in the background? Explain the client server side of that token being exchanged to the customer receiving that different coin :coinspin: Does this take place with shapeshift?
macdac Cool, thanks for all the answers guys, Do you guys have an idea of when the new website will be released? which Domain will it be still or what?
sacode In June 1st - blog update - you told us there was 3 new faces who joined to the team. Can you reveal who they are? What's their background?
umbrah @throwplastic yes, we will put in a governance model where stakers can vote whether they are ok with putting a product in. as there are grey areas for products, this will be based on votes
litebit The main difference is codebase. Umbra was built on bitcoin .08. Particl is built on bitcoin .14. So we'll have native segwit, malleability fixes, increased security, bip65, lightning network readiness.
The privacy is increased as well. Umbra used ring-sigs and Particl is using Confidential Transactions and is testing RingCT. macdac What will be the main differences between the Part wallet and the old Umbra? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:18 PM
@umbrah can speak to this, we're catching up sorry :slightly_smiling_face: sherp Also curious about this Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:21 PM
mr_robot How does the governance feature work and what's stopping people from making multiple accounts to collude on voting? Is it based on the reputation or staking? (edited)
umbrah @tranzer the team has raised 591 btc and roughly 250k particl. this will last the team for an expected 9 months, which is more than what we need to come up with a working marketplace. there will be a 2nd crowdfunding early next year and we will be expecting particl to be self funding after that.
jeffjam Will mainet be released with implemented ringct?
litebit Yes, definitely. It was one of our funding milestones and it'll be around 3 months to audit and correct major bugs. TESTNET3 currently has RingCT on it but we'll probably remove it for TESTNET4 because it's so raw and we're focusing on mainnet. trixter- Particl team: Will their be a 3rd party Audit for RingCT feature before forking it, and do you have an idea how much time this audit could take? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:22 PM
trixter- @litebit thanks
michaelthecryptoguy It seems the business side of particl (picking up more clients, instead of customers to use the service) is moving faster then the developers. Any explanation on this?
litebit michaelthecryptoguy: our dev team is working full steam ahead and making sure we are testing properly. We are in the final stages of the GUI development. The Blockchain and daemon are working and in public testing.
litebit by saying clients, do you mean contributors? if so, this is exactly what we expect, as this indicates speculations. same with other successful projects
umbrah @michaelthecryptoguy by saying clients, do you mean contributors? if so, this is exactly what we expect, as this indicates speculations. same with other successful projects
zedsix When's Particl expected to reach exchanges?
litebit zedsix: we are in ongoing conversations with majority of the exchanges, in an ideal scenario we would be listed on launch date, this is a work in progress and has been given priority by team
rynomster @michaelthecryptoguy, our dev team is working full steam ahead and making sure we are testing properly. We are in the final stages of the GUI development. The Blockchain and daemon are working and in public testing.
macdac Are you guys concerned of the competition? like Bitbay and others that have or plan to release a market
litebit macdac: there have been markets around for a while. We are focusing on anonymity and decentralised governance.
imyb @zedsix we are in ongoing conversations with majority of the exchanges, in an ideal scenario we would be listed on launch date, this is a work in progress and has been given priority by team
umbrah @zedsix we are waiting for foundation to be finalized first before we can release the mainnet, then exchange. same as other coins, it has to be the exchange's discretion when to add a coin, but we have already communicated with numerous exchanges to list this, and we are seeing positive replies
sdcpod How far are you with the Gui ? Will it be in Testnet 4 and if yes when is testnet 4 ?
zedsix Thanks @umbrah / @imyb
umbrah :slightly_smiling_face:
sacode There will be a marketplace app on app store or google play? If so, when?
rynomster @macdac, there have been markets around for a while. We are focusing on anonymity and decentralised governance.
molefish Will there be a way to run the wallet at launch on Mac OS X?
litebit Original mainnet (this first one) won't have ringct. We'll need to audit the code first jeffjam so it'll be on testnet for a while before going live. we haven't contracted any party yet to do this. I'd imagine a 3 month window to audit is to be expected jeffjam Will mainet be released with implemented ringct? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:25 PM
michaelthecryptoguy So do you blame the advertising side of particl, for these announcements, or does the finger point mostly toward the developers for not meeting there timeline?
litebit Any mobile version of the marketplace will come after the second funding round. This first seed round is to get the MVP to market. Greater enhancements will come with additional funding and larger focused teams. sacode There will be a marketplace app on app store or google play? If so, when? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:32 PM
Yes. molefish Will there be a way to run the wallet at launch on Mac OS X? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:32 PM
rynomster @sdcpod, right now we are working towards getting the GUI ready for public testing. Based on our estimates we will have some GUI elements ready for testing next week.
michaelthecryptoguy What is causing the team to not work insync (as one) What improvements or changes have been made in this area?
throwplastic Will there be a browser-based market or do users always have to use a dedicated particl software to make purchases?
dasource throwplastic: Particl wallet will work both in browser and as an application .. to ensure privacy you require your own particld daemon running within the same network. Whilst it is possible for it to work with external/shared daemons that is not part of the current scope to effects it has on ones privacy
sdcpod What you mean with "some elements" you mean the gui like back in sdc but like say without widgets ?
rynomster @sdcpod, there will be basic functionality, but it won't be complete as its still in development.
michaelthecryptoguy Who do you see as your main customer base? Average people that use or work with Crypto Currencies?
litebit @michaelthecryptoguy i think it's a product of the fast paced crypto ecosystem. when people's money is on the line, deadlines and firm dates are expected and we want to be as transparent as possible so we try to accomadate, but roadbumps happen and deadlines sometimes get pushed
trixter- Particl Team: Will TOR, I2P be integrated in the wallet on release?
dasource trixter-: TOR - yes I2P - no
mike where can we buy Particl now?
umbrah @michaelthecryptoguy there certainly are challenges we are expecting like any other team/company, but we believe we are working better than an average team. now that the team is well funded, we can expect fster project and more deadlines to be met. as a matter of fact, the team has already contributed more thatn 100k lines on github
commodore64 I'll ask this question again: will users be able to create a 'private market' or is everything 100% public?
dasource commodore64: Yes there will be support for Private Markets
commodore64 @dasource thanks! Has this feature been fully fleshed-out in terms of development? Like will there be an integrated invitation system or ability to create user credential authentication information? And also, will the private market be subject to its own separate governance?
dasource conceptually it is not much different to the public market other than the key to access the private channel is a secret and shared by the creator with those he wishes to invite .. there will be no governance on the private market as its impossible to govern something you cannot access
imyb @mike you will need to wait until PART hits the exchanges
litebit To start it'll be trend setters so crypto users. Big picture we'll be reaching out to vendors, sellers and buyers in countries that don't have access to the ease of amazon or ebay due to political positioning and restrictions on where they live. That's the big goal of the market michaelthecryptoguy Who do you see as your main customer base? Average people that use or work with Crypto Currencies? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:36 PM
umbrah @commodore64 particl platform itself is a private marketplace. no one will be able to know what anyone buys/sells, thanks to the CT, RingCT features and encrypted msgs
mike does Particl have a wallet available for OTC exchanges?
macdac Will you guys make a video showcasing the wallet GUI soon?
litebit The wallet will be on testnet soon so people can be hands on with it :slightly_smiling_face: much better than video macdac Will you guys make a video showcasing the wallet GUI soon? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:40 PM
commodore64 @umbrah so the answer is no? People won't be able to create sub-markets within the main marketplace?
sacode May i set my favorite currency and language to navigate on marketplace?
umbrah @mike particl will have a very user-friendly wallet :slightly_smiling_face:
commodore64 like with authentication restriction
litebit CHANNEL: is this method of question answering helping or hurting? it seems a mess and hard to keep up. we want to make sure everyone is being heard. Could we answer using threads instead?
umbrah @commodore64 that is a feature-based question. i'll ask one of my colleagues to answer that
mr_robot Threads would make more sense it seems
umbrah @commodore64 dasourced has answered your question in threads. and the answer is yes :slightly_smiling_face:
rynomster Our new members are: Imran, our Commercial and Partner Strategy Pierre-Alexis Ciavaldini, Talented developer * experienced in C, AngularJS, Web development Jason Eybers, Junior developer * he is still studying, but he is adding valuable things like unit tests, linting, and little things that the seniors aren't currently focused on. sacode In June 1st - blog update - you told us there was 3 new faces who joined to the team. Can you reveal who they are? What's their background? Posted in #trading_altcoinsToday at 6:23 PM
michaelthecryptoguy How do you overcome a vendor that is brand new to Crypto Currencies, that can't pay for his supplies or merchandise in crypto? Will you be working directly with any banks? (edited)
umbrah michaelthecryptoguy: working with banks would not be a good strategy. as of the moment, we will make particl marketplace to be a decentralized marketplace free from paperwork etc.
imyb michaelthecryptoguy: we are in discussions with partners who should be able to provide us with the facility to entertain these types of transactions
sacode The fact that you guys met in Hong Kong in the past, has something to do with the possibility of establishing contacts in the Chinese market? (edited)
umbrah sacode: yes :slightly_smiling_face:
litebit sacode: Establishing a prescence in China is a major reason for this Particl pivot
mr_robot Private sub markets... What would prevent that developing into unfavorable things that would bypass the community governance voting?
dasource mr_robot: Private markets are precisely that, no governance.
throwplastic But there is a way of voting certain products out by stakers from what I've gathered?
litebit Private markets are just that private, who is in there, what is happening, what is selling is all private. the network is unable to tell what is going on. similar to how signal or whatsapp encrypts on client side
commodore64 @litebit @dasource what if someone gains access to a private market and it's determined that there are undesirable products being sold in there and they take some screenshots and post it up online like in reddit or bitcoin talk or something? Is there a governance model overseeing the private markets at all?
dasource There will be no governance on private markets .. it is impossible todo.
commodore64 @dasource @rynmos
commodore64 @dasource @rynomster rynomster indicated in the main thread here that 'the network will only be supported while it is being run cleanly'. is this concern not relevant within private markets?
litebit the only way to "gain access" is for 1 or both parties to "give access" by posting these images themselves. otherwise everything is encrypted with industry standard cryptography
commodore64 like why is it relevant within the main marketplace but not within private markets? particularly if it becomes publicly known through screenshots on public channels? Like I get into a private market and take some screenshots and put them on reddit, is that not concern about the market being run cleanly?
dasource this has already been answered in another question ... you cannot govern something you cannot access .. the whole point of a private market place is that it is private by the creator and shared with those he wishes to only.. I am not sure what is the misunderstanding here? (edited)
mr_robot I think the concern is that any private market would bypass the community governance and therefor allow any kinds of black market items that could be used to hurt particl's reputation for larger more legitimate things. Ie larger sellers on Amazon wouldn't want to have anything to do with a marketplace that had screenshots of nefarious things being sold... (edited)
dasource I see your point and understand it however let me give you another example ... If you and I use Signal and we decide to trade Cuban Cigars ... you post that on the internet. Should Signal be held liable because they provided a secure means for you to communicate and trade? Particls Private Markets are no different, we are providing a means for people to trade in 100% privacy (anything from cigars to private paintings etc) .. in that environment you cannot govern because it is encrypted for everyone else. Is it possible people may use this for nefarious items? Yes... but it is also possible for that to happen on Signal or any other good encrypted chat platform. Should we stop developing for the good because a few bad actors might use it?
2cuse What about the case where people just don't vote?
umbrah 2cuse: if people do not want to vote, we cannot force them to. this however, remains a feature in the particl
b.b.2k17 this is why i would love to see dPoS
2cuse Seems like you'd have to spend allot of time voting to stop bad stuff that may pop up
throwplastic Is there a legal risk of staking if illegal products are traded on the platform?
umbrah throwplastic: the reason why we are taking a lot of time with foundation is because we want to make sure there are no loopholes in terms of legality. i'm confident that we have this covered
throwplastic Good to know, thanks!
rynomster @2cuse, the required threshold will be set quite low at first, as failed governance will be very fatal for Particl. The network will only be supported while it is being run cleanly
2cuse Hmmm ok that sounds ominous
michaelthecryptoguy Is their a current partner that can re-distribute particl or another coin, back into my choice of monetary unit? (usd, eur, rupee, peso, etc) (edited)
imyb michaelthecryptoguy: yes
mr_robot Can you explain how the governance will work and what will prevent people from gaming the system with multiple accounts?
umbrah mr_robot: the governance will be based on a staking vote (not yet final) we will ensure that there are no duplications
litebit mr_robot: for the market we're still researching and developing models of governance. a seller will need to pay a fee to list which can become expensive if gaming a system. voting will be an incentive for the network so it would become expensive to gain a majority % to manipulate voting
2cuse I could see spammers testing the governance then worth illicit goods
litebit 2cuse: of course. there is no centralized control so the network affect will be in effect :slightly_smiling_face:
macdac Will the people who were gracious enough to donate 25% or more from their bonus receive any incentive outside of just having username be mentioned?
dasource macdac: How does early access to Market sound? Open to ideas
macdac That sounds good
macdac I donated a good amount of coins
umbrah we are actively thinking of ways to reward donators. if you can think of a reasonable reward let us know :slightly_smiling_face:
dasource Thank you .. I am sure the 100s of people who genuinely missed out on the conversion will be grateful
macdac Youre welcome, ive been supporting this project since day one
macdac Early access would be nice ill think of something else and let you know
macdac Hope you guys look at the number of coins donated too when considering because I know that many people had multiple accounts and could have chosen to donate from only 1 but not the rest, I only have one accoutn
michaelthecryptoguy Would you be willing to introduce that partner to the :ark: team? (edited)
umbrah michaelthecryptoguy: i don't see any reason not to :slightly_smiling_face:
michaelthecryptoguy :partywizard::slightly_smiling_face::sun: (edited)
michaelthecryptoguy @mike This might be something you would be interested in pursuing.
mike thanks for bringing up.
mr_robot I understand that details of particl being on what exchanges at what time is not currently possible due to the unforseen events of the delays of the terms of service. But is there still open communication with the exchanges and are they responding positively to the idea of listing particl when it's released?
umbrah mr_robot: a lot of exchanges are responding positively. we are actually expecting to be listed a few days after mainnet release, but could not confirm any of exchanges of course
commodore64 litebit, commodore64, and mr_robot @litebit @dasource what if someone gains access to a private market and it's determined that there are undesirable products being sold in there and they take some screenshots and post it up online like in reddit or bitcoin talk or something? Is there a governance model overseeing the private markets at all?
trixter- Particl Team: How much % of wallets are created and how much has been donated to this day?
dasource trixter-: 83% are ready for genesis with 125k Donated
trixter- 125k does that include the teams donation of 40k or without?
dasource that is without .. and the team will match upto 40k based on 5:1 formula ... so 125+25k=150k ... well short of the 250k we are aiming for
trixter- nice Im rooting for the project to achieve this goal. This is a uniqum in crypto that people give away money to help out other people. I hope you guys will provide an address for people to donate their staking rewards to so we can achieve this goal
sdcpod Yea staking to address function would be nice but @dasource said wont be possible im near future due another feature in the pipeline ?
umbrah we will do what we can to stake, but the priority will stil be focused on producing a marketplace
dasource I said "it was unlikely" ... however we wont know until we get down to the nitty gritty on it ... best way to donate to the cause is the increase your donation % before the genesis block
trixter- im alreaddy on 100%
sacode About marketing? Are you doing it all by yourselves or are you going to work with a specialized company?
umbrah sacode: we have a few partners in terms of Pmarketing
umbrah you might have seen taizen and leon fu videos, we have hired PR firms as well
sacode Yep i saw leon fu videos
umbrah :+1::slightly_smiling_face:
litebit we have been ramping up and beginning contracts with professionals beginning in June. in prep for mainnet and PART tokens being live in the wild
sacode So I presume we will start seeing some marketing very soon
sacode :slightly_smiling_face:
sacode This PR firms have any kind experience in crypto world?
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Insights into Obsidian Platform’s ODN cryptocurrency

In a nutshell, what are the key advantages of Obsidian?
ODN is a stakeable coin, will users only be able to stake through Masternodes?
Currently we have determined that all nodes will be able to stake.
Masternodes are the only nodes that will return fee transfers from Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM), and future services. Masternode specific attributes may expand in the future, as we create different ways to incentivise them.
What is the expected ROI for Obsidian Masternodes?
To host a Masternode 10,000 ODN is required as collateral, and the expected return is approximately 10% annually.
In addition it is technically possible for users to pool the required ODN to host a Masternode. However, unless a user trusts someone with their private key there’s no specific automated function to allow node sharing. This is realistically a low-priority feature right now.
Is there a public repository of code relating to the Obsidian Platform?
Yes, we have several projects in our public repo on github.
This all sounds great, but are there any applications that are already developed for the Obsidian Platform?
Yes there is, we have built the Obsidian Secure Messenger (OSM). This is already publicly available with support on Slack. Users are testing alpha builds of OSM on Windows 10 right now. Here is the public Alpha repository
Regarding the Obsidian Secure Messaging application (OSM) that has been developed — how will Obsidian manage restrictions for peer to peer encryption by Governments?
Currently, there is no active restriction by any government that will have an immediate affect on Obsidian, especially due to the decentralised nature of the project. In terms of data-collection, well-established messaging apps at the very least collect anonymous metadata, and are frequently forced by law to release this data to the authorities. Obsidian collects absolutely no data, rendering a data release to government authorities void.
Additionally, OSM is an application which is integrated into the blockchain and developed as an open source project. No singular group will be responsible for the use of the app, removing any previously applicable jurisdiction.
What functionality is already implemented in the OSM messenger?
At launch, or soon thereafter, the messenger will have basic capabilities which include; text and binary file transfer, value (ODN) transfer. Post launch we have many features that we are looking to incorporate and encourage others to build off the Obsidian Platform. These include group chat, photo and video sharing, and other extensions.
Is an audio/video version of the messenger possible on the foundations laid this year?
This is something we have discussed, including STUN servers, to enable the very natural evolution of encrypted video and audio. We do in fact believe this is the next step in services offered by the Obsidian Platform.
Is there an ODN wallet?
Yes. We have a C++ QT wallet released. This is an interim wallet so that contributors and exchanges such as Bittrex can trade/use ODN. You can check out the public repo for our QT wallet on GitHub.
When is Obsidian going open source ?
We believe it is imperative to initially launch and refine the messenger product on our own blockchain, and look to open up access following successful testing. We intend to go open source once we have reached a point that we feel is safe for all including future collaborators.
When will the messaging app be launched on Android/iOS devices?
Obsidian is built with OS cross-compatibility and overall accessibility as near-term goals. A huge focus of ours is to create services that appeal to the mass market with mobile apps as a priority.
Android is a primary focus, as is iOS. Our team’s previous experience publishing on Apple’s store has taught us to be both careful and cautious about their very particular sign-up process. Once we have confirmed acceptance and adherence to iOS app guidelines, we will publish further information on our OSM app for iOS.
What are Curve25519 signing keys and why are they important for this project?
Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman is the most secure form of asymmetric key cryptography known today. It offers much more security than RSA at the same key length. No data is stored on a server at any point in time because there is no centralised server or organisation.
Our time-based auto-deletion feature is active at all times for encrypted payloads, which are temporarily stored on nodes.
In the Obsidian Platform white paper, there is mention of SegWit and Lightning networks, can you elaborate?
As many cryptocurrency veterans are no doubt aware, the current landscape calls for some changes to Bitcoin, and Stratis too, as they include a Bitcoin FullNode.
We will be working closely with our technical advisors, crypto community peers, and other strategic partners in order to assess the best way forwards in these areas. Our aim is to follow suit based on the implementation which Stratis makes. This is the benefit of using a tried and trusted base, where we can plan our actions on proven methods.
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A proposal of a wallet to the clever developer shibes out there which concerns all and future shibes (Would be extremely beneficial with the Talladega race coming closer and closer)

I recently watched this talk by Andreas Antonopoulos (which I recommend every shibe to watch). In this video he explained how private keys, public keys, adresses, cryptography and wallets work.
In the video, I realized how far wallets have come already, how little the QT-wallet actually matters for us common folks, and how important it is to have user friendly wallets with good features. I got especially intrigued when Alexander explained type 2 deterministic wallets based off of trees. And my question is: "Can you deveolper shibes develop a type 2 deterministic wallet (like electrum) with BIP39?"
For all who don't know what I'm talking about, I will try my best to explain how type 2 deterministic wallets work by basically paraphrasing Andreas from the video. Please correct me if anything is wrong.
Let me begin by saying that our, and every virtual currency QT client is more focused on implementing the stability into the core coin protocol rather than implementing user-based fancy wallet features. Recently the bitcoin QT client has been removed from the site as the recommended wallet for new users. This is because it isn't a good interface for the common man, or really anyone. It has also been discussed by bitcoin developers to strip all the wallet functionality out of the QT-client just for this reason.
Explaining type 2 deterministic wallets: When creating a private adress, a random number is drawn, in this process you will also generate a 128-bits random seed (for example 521566b6ebfe0ab8ff7b8110b92c57d4). A seed is generally speaking a starting point for the random number generation. This seed will therefore be the generator of all future adresses in your wallet.
From this seed, you can use mathematical functions to generate keys in such a way that you can't predict those keys without having the seed.
Just to clarify: If you have one private key, you can't figure out the other, and if you have the other, you can't figure out the first. This means that as long as your seed and mathematical function is not compromised, your keys won't be compromised. This is because you generate (or regenerate) all your private keys from that seed.
These mathematical functions can for example be the following: "You generate the first key, then you jump over 5 keys, then generate another key etc.". What this leaves us with is that you need two types of information to "infiltrate a wallet": The seed and the gap. This means that the seed and gap still needs to be encrypted, the good thing is that there's no need for a backup if you lose your wallet because you know your seed, and the gap.
Now you might be wondering: "How am I going to remember my seed? Won't this be hard? Won't it be a pain to remember?" Well there is also a new really interesting implemented technology called BIP 39. What this technology does is that it creates 12 random words (called a 12-word mnemonic code). These words are deterministically derived, in this way you can convert those 12 words back to the seed.
Let me give you of an example of why this is beneficial: The first thing is that 12 random words are much easier to remember and hear than a combination of 12 random letters and numbers. This means that if you lose your wallet and you're away from where your seed is written down/stored etc., you can for example call someone you trust to help you to restore your wallet. This can be done by the person telling you the 12 words over the phone, which will again give you your seed. No need to wonder if the person said "b" or "d".
The mnemonic code for the seed I wrote down (521566b6ebfe0ab8ff7b8110b92c57d4) is "pain apologize tired bar change think off outside clear fear hot stir". You can see how this could be handy.
This is technology is at the moment restricted to the English language. More importantly, it is restricted to a specific dictionary. The reason for this is because based on those specifications, every single wallet in the world with these features can take 12 words with the gap and deterministically recreate the same seed. From this point it can then recreate the same keys.
There's of course a checksum built in, so one of the words is a checksum for the other words. This entails that not every combination you throw at it will be correct. This means that if you remember those 12 words in that specific order, you will never have to take a backup of your wallet ever again. How great is that?
So a TL:DR:
I want our smart and clever developer shibes to create a type 2 deterministic wallet with BIP39 (like electrum or armory) with a great design. This would make it much easier for both newcomers and old shibes to use their wallets. The problem with backing up you wallet would also be a thing in the past. And if you know your seed or mnemonic code, you can import your wallet with extreme ease to any other device with a wallet just by typing in some words instead of moving a backup file to your device. If this wallet is being based on a litewallet, there will also be no need for synchronisation.
Disclaimer: Like I said, I'm not a pro at this, please correct me if anything is wrong here. And please shibes discuss, is this something the community is also interested in? I would be so happy if we got a wallet like this.
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[Table] IAmA: IAM Peter Vessenes, Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation. AMAA!

Verified? (This bot cannot verify AMAs just yet)
Date: 2012-09-28
Link to submission (Has self-text)
Link to my post
Questions Answers
Most proponents of Bitcoin seem to believe that there will be a point where one coin exceeds a value of $100 or even $1000. Sure, that is definitely possible and I can accept that it may happen one day. However, since each coin has this intrinsic potential value.. why would anyone spend them on trivial stuff like food now? How can you spend something that you believe will continue to grow in value effectively to infinity? That seems like a fair complaint to me, in general. In practice, and as opposed to Krugman's thoughts on the matter, we have many thousands of happy Bitcoin transactors, I think people like to spend their bitcoins with others, give them away, and use them for things. I do know some Bitcoin businesses that try never to spend their coins. That said, we have had some periods like last year where EVERYBODY wished they'd spent their coins.. To my mind volatility is a worse 'evil' than being deflationary. As I said above, I think most government economists wish an inflationary currency (and many bitcoiners hate this, and talk a lot about how much they hate it), but I think there's definitely a place in the world for a deflationary value system. An interesting thought experiment for you -- if you forked the Bitcoin blockchain and changed issuance so that it tracked say, USD or USD/EUR inflation rates for issuance, would it have the same uptake or not?
Every once in a while I hear stories about security breaches including 240,000 bitcoins that went missing the other month. How do you ensure security of account holders funds? The practical security aspects of running Bitcoin businesses are a REAL need, and it's something we want to help on with advice, and possibly opt-in certification at some point. I say more about this elsewhere in the AMA.
Furthermore, most sites I've came upon that sell goods seem poorly managed and difficult to use. Is there a Bitcoin equivalent to sites like Ebay and Amazon? Re: bitcoin site usability -- I agree, it's often terrible! I'm not sure why this is, except to say that bitcoins make transacting online so easy that even people who can't afford a designer can do it.
A: How does the intrinsic non-fiat nature of the currency affect its susceptibility to market fluctuation? I.E. Better or worse stability than fiat currency? So far, because market cap is so low, (Roughly $100mm of value), Bitcoin exchange rates are highly susceptible to people pushing it around. This is really tough for everyone. There are a bunch of businesses that might not be viable until you have some exchange rate certainties that extend beyond a short (one day-ish) window.
B: What can be done to improve the resistance to massive fluctuations in value stemming from exchange market manipulation or normal use? There are some macro-economic things that could be done, like exchanges publishing all trades to a central area, and implementing locks if prices rise / fall too suddenly, but those all have their own effects to consider. I think the fundamental thing to do is help Bitcoin acceptance and uptake grow, increasing the size of the pie until there are a much smaller number of parties that could push the price around.
C: Is there anything that can be done to the standard to improve stability or is it all up to the markets to implement safeguards? So, we all do have a part in that stabilization for sure. There's also the angle of creating whole supply chains that are bitcoin denominated -- paying our staff in Bitcoins only is an attempt to work on that angle.
What do you say to people that claim Bitcoin is nothing but a pump-and-dump pyramid scheme designed to benefit it's creators? That they're sitting on a huge pile of bitcoins obtained by them before the currency was made available to the public when mining was far easier then dumping huge batches of Bitcoins destroying the price over and over again to enrich themselves and fuck everybody else? And that they get more chumps into the system to inflate the price again, by going around the internet and promoting Bitcoins as an alternative currency rather than a complete fraud? This borders on the troll-ish, but I will say that the Bitcoin network autosizes coin generation based on how many people wish to do it. That is, people opt in to make the coins and secure the network. Nobody is forced to.
Is the Bitcoin Foundation a non-profit, tax-exempt organization in the United States? Who among the directors and the board has experience running a non-profit? Why is the ED also a member of the board? How does the ED have the time to run the organization given his obligation to CoinLab? Why haven't I seen any of the involved parties at either of the last two Bitcoin conferences? Can we get somebody who isn't a white male involved? We're a 501(c)6, Washington DC Nonprofit.
I have experience launching a non-profit, hence my job.
ED's typically get a salary and work full time at the job; we didn't know if we'd have budget to pay someone who could operate such a thing, so we went with this structure. I anticipate that I will step down from being the ED at the earliest moment we know we have someone better to do it; running CoinLab is plenty of work for me.
Our assistant director Lindsay Holland is not a white male.
In general, Bitcoin is a white male sausage-fest, though. I urge you and all Bitcoiners everywhere to work on changing that.
What is the future of bitcoins? Do you think they will ever make government-issued currency obsolete? I don't know the future of Bitcoin, but I hope that I and the Foundation are a part of it!
I don't believe Bitcoin will ever obsolete a government currency, but I only speak for myself when I say that. Bitcoin is a fascinating and novel technology with a HUGE number of potential benefits to the world, so I'm into it. I don't see a government wishing to cede control of its currency to anything like the technocratic / consensus model that Bitcoins are governed by, though.
That said, I do hope that Bitcoins will be able to help people in areas of the world that need better money features. Mpesa is a great example of something that helps Kenyans (and people from a few other countries) by changing how money is used. Bitcoin has the potential to help people like that, all over the world, whether or not the 'market' is large enough in that country.
I personally think that sort of thing is SUPER exciting.
Could you describe the bitcoin foundation for me? Sure! It's a trade organization, member-driven. Its goal is to promote, protect and help standardize Bitcoin. Our initial goals are to provide funding for the core development team, run a 2013 Silicon Valley Conference, and create some opt-in certification methods and best practices for businesses dealing with Bitcoin.
Join us.. :)
Standardize? I can tell you hate our goals, so I won't spend a long time trying to convince you. But, I will say that businesses often need a long, secure timeframe to make investment decisions, and they need to have some sense that what they work on or invest in will be roughly similar at the end of their investment to the beginning.
Why do you want to "standardize"? For instance, imagine ebay deciding to take bitcoins. The person-hours to get that done inside ebay are staggering to imagine, from wallet scalability issue to accounting treatments, refunds, ... It would be a major endeavor.
What gives you that authority? It would be great for bitcoin if ebay took bitcoins. Seriously great, but they can't right now until they feel there is some generally stable path going forward.
Why is the core development team so deserving of funding when they can't even make a decent client? You might hate everything about that, and that's cool. I urge you to go ahead, fork the code, advocate as much as you like for something else. Bitcoin's free, both the protocol and the software. Nobody is stopping you.
Is there any legal action to be done if someone steals your bitcoins? Yep, if you're in the US, file a police report, and call FBI Cybercrimes division.
As an individual member of the Bitcoin Foundation, what do I get? Any perks or privileges? Email aliases, voting rights, a newsletter, etc? Or are these memberships mostly a way of providing financial support to the foundation? The bylaws are up now, so you can read in great detail what the organization will provide its members: Link to
In short, though, rights to vote people on / off the board of the Foundation, soon access to private forums, probably discounts to the bitcoin 2013 conference, happiness at supporting the dev team.
I would like to provide email aliases, we've got Patrick and Jon working on any possible gotchas there, though.
Many aren't taking bitcoin seriously because of the security issues some have had. What steps are you taking to legitimize this currency? Like Jeff says below, I would distinguish between fundamental protocol security and security practices.
Bitcoins fundamental protocol security seems pretty good at this point; I'm sure we'll all be keeping an eye on that quite intently into the future.
Practical Security has been, largely, terrible in the Bitcoin space for most businesses, Mt. Gox perhaps excepted. The amount of work it takes to secure 80 byte strings that may be valued in the million dollar range is non trivial. Think securing missile codes as to the level of security needed.
Many bitcoin businesses can't afford (or don't wish to) this sort of security. I'm hoping we can provide some tools and pointers for these businesses and their users to help people understand what they're getting into when they transact with a bitcoin business, and what their risks are.
The Bitcoin Foundation Membership (VIP) fees are definitely disproportionate. Why? Are we now heading for a two-tier bitcoin community? We got requests from large supporters to make a more expensive membership tier. I'm slow, but not so slow that I said 'no'.
I'm slow, but not so slow that I said 'no'. - So you said 'YES'? Someone said "Please make higher corporate member fees: Linux Foundation Top Tier member fees are $500k. Your plan is too low."
I said "OK, Thank you for that advice. We should do that."
Is the foundation primarily focused on US or also europe and the rest of the world? Right now Jon Matonis is considered our "Europe Expert" on the board. There's a huge amount of work to do just in keeping track of how Bitcoin is categorized and regulated around the world. I would expect the Foundation to put some time and energy into helping with that process, but it's not our first goal.
What would you or the Fundation do if the government declares Bitcoin ilegal? Advocate that such a thing is silly, unenforceable, and counterproductive.
Thats no answer to the question. Have you got any plans for the "unthinkable"? That really is what I would do. What do you suggest?
What are your thoughts on transparency of the foundation? How much revenue is there and how it is spent, will that info be public? We're aiming to be highly transparent. I proposed today that we publicize our cold wallet public keys so that people can check our balances. This got pushed back a month while we work on some logistics. I will follow up about this, though. I think having auditable books from day one is really cool.
What are your thoughts on fiat currency? I love it and wish more of it. I'm totally grateful that nations have standardized and created currencies for their people, so that I can travel and buy stuff without worrying about the reputability of a local bank when I go to exchange my money.
I read something recently about a Bitcoin based debit card system. How is that coming along? I don't know, but I want one! The Foundation would like one, too. We are trying to run the Foundation with only Bitcoins, so it would be nice to fuel up a debit card for some expenses.
Create an opt-in certification process for Bitcoin businesses. How will you be going about this? What will certification entail? TBD, But I am imagining that businesses could vet their processes and procedures against a set of published standards, pay for an audit, and then be able to help their users understand what level of security they provide, e.g. "Bronze certification -- the site could be trusted with 50 bitcoins of stored value per person."
Does the foundation intend to have control over and thereby over the main distribution channel for Bitcoin-Qt? We're a member organization. Some of our members do have access to and influence over and bitcoin-qt. I have no idea if they would like us to help manage, since we just launched yesterday.
If the decision makers for and bitcoin-qt want us to help out in those areas, I wouldn't mind. I don't think either of those things is super strategic to helping Bitcoin right now; there's more need for messaging and some financial security for the core team, and the other stuff we said we're going to work on this year. and -qt publishing don't seem broken to me or risky right now.
Given that Mt Gox has a (rightfully deserved) place on he board, what steps can and will you be taking to ensure that independent exchanges are encouraged and not ignored? Also what steps, if any, can and will you take to ensure the public that the commercial interests of those on the board do not conflict with the decentralised ideals and paradigm of Bitcoin itself? I don't know how we'd encourage or ignore exchanges, since everyone is welcome to join.
I do think this individual / corporate angle is at the heart of the Bitcoin, though; it's got a lot of parties that care about it, passionately. Some are investing millions of dollars. Some are tirelessly advocating for Bitcoin. Many sit around and troll and waste people's time.
I guess that partly we expect our board members will act with integrity, and that if they aren't representing the needs of their member class, they'll get replaced with someone who will.
I also don't know how we would, practically, decentralize Bitcoin, even if we wished such a thing. I don't think anyone on the board thinks Bitcoin is doing badly. We're all really excited about it and want to help. I personally believe if corporations (a small group or just one) ever provably controlled Bitcoin, they would become vastly less appealing and useful. So, we're on watch.
Not as on watch as a paranoid bitcointalk forum troll wants us to be, but we're on watch.
Why do you require a real name and real address, when bitcoins core values are to be anonymous? The Foundation's core values include openness and transparency. I think the Bitcoin anonymous thing is overblown and a bit of a myth, by the way. Every bitcoin transaction links two addresses; often people can be determined from those addresses.
At any rate, we wish to make sure you can't stuff the ballot box during voting, and we wish civil productive discourse among our members, so we need real names and addresses.
If you just want to support us without joining, you can always send money to our vanity donation address: 1BTCorgHwCg6u2YSAWKgS17qUad6kHmtQW.
What is the current, largest obstacle when it comes to wider Bitcoin adoption? I think Bitcoin adoption is growing nicely. There seems to be a sort of stair-step function where people figure out something new and broadly appealing to do with them, and it makes a big jump. I expect we'll see that many times over the next five or ten years.
Doubts about the network's scalability, uncertain status about its legality or something else? Bitcoin's brand seems bad to me; mostly the highly publicized exchange attacks worry people. It's too hard to have a secure cold storage wallet for even a very smart individual. I'd like to see some of those things improved.
Does Bitcoin have any plan to combat criminals using the currency to purchase things on online black markets? I can't speak for Bitcoin, but the Foundation has no criminal combatant plans. We do want our members to use their real names and promise that they only engage in activities legal in their jurisdiction, though.
That's mostly just a way of us saying who we want to hang out with, and expressing some community values we think will help our organization be a success.
Did you expect for the Bitcoin concept to explode as it has? I sort of did, but I definitely didn't put my wallet behind that explosion. Sigh.
Also, where do you see it going in the future? I talk elsewhere in the AMA about what I'm hoping for Bitcoin.
Will the foundation be sponsoring Bitcoin software outside of What do you mean? Like if Jeff Garzik made cool software that would help the Bitcoin world but didn't release it at would we try and help him?
The answer is yes.
I.e., the Foundation would provide a service with recommendations such as wallet security for an exchange, but I don't think the Foundation should be in the business of "certifying". Yeah, there's an interesting set of questions there about certification. I would LOVE to see a certification that brought with it the ability to be insured against loss and theft. Think how nice it would be for an exchange or wallet business to be able to offer that insurance. That said, I don't know of any bitcoin company that has such insurance yet. I think we have some work to do vetting out the processes and procedures, and then some sales and relationship work with insurance companies first. At any rate, we won't be stumping up security for certified companies through the main Foundation corporate vehicle ever. But I think the membership will want to discuss what a good set of next steps is toward that goal, if we're all sold on trying to make it happen.
What's the advantage to using bitcoins over government issued currency, basically why should I invest my $US in bitcoins? Some people have ideological preferences for Bitcoins money issuance scheme.
Some are nerds, and like it for nerdy reasons.
Some just like being able to pay whom they choose when they choose.
Some deal with payment infrastructures that are scary (Paypal freezes are scary), or slow (wiring money in and out of small country central banks is REALLY slow).
Also, they're neat.
How does it feel to know that a kitten wearing a top hat has more upvotes than you? That kitten is so damn cute. I spent some of my AMA time going "AWWW"
How will you try to keep BIG businesses from buying their way into "THE" Bitcoin Foundation? Bitcoin is inherently free, it's peer to peer, it can be forked, it's not controlled by the Foundation, especially one that's one day old.
So, I look forward to large donations from BIG businesses. We will use that money to further the Foundation's mission. Our members will, no doubt, be highly engaged in discussions about what to do with large donations. I'm looking forward to it.
What is your opinion on Canada's new digital currency, "Mint Chip"? How does this affect Bitcoin? I don't know much about it, but I think it's cool from what I do know, (and is it technically flawed? I don't recall). I'm all for money system experimentation, as you might guess.
You are starting to get increased media/congressional notice. Are you at all worried about being shut down and prosecuted like E-Gold was? Who is we? The Foundation is a member organization, nothing else.
There are some bitcoin exchange operators that actively flout the same AML laws that got the E-Gold founders in trouble.
There are some that try hard to do the right thing, jurisdiction by jurisdiction.
Personally, I don't worry about the ones trying to comply, and I don't transact with the ones flouting the laws.
Why do you have different vote classes, is one class worth more then another? Corporate members vote their seats, Individual members vote theirs.
Anecdotally, there are fewer corporate members, so a corporate membership vote has a greater proportional influence over a board seat than an individual membership.
so a corporate membership vote has a greater proportional influence over a board seat than an individual membership. - So there may be poll when votes of both classes come together? Like asking ALL members to opt out changes to the source code? I would be stunned if we voted on source code, ever. I don't think anyone thinks that is in the remit of the Foundation.
Pragmatically, the dev team is one arm of bitcoin source code governance, and miners are the other, since they can refuse to work with code changes they don't like if they do it in bulk.
The board meets often, and should be listening to its constituents; sign up as a member, and then mail your appropriate rep. As a sample of what we discussed today: "Should we do an AMA? Who will get member signup confirmations out? Can we publicize Patrick's bylaws yet?" were the scintillating topics of conversation.
Will I be getting an e-mail with receipt for my payment confirming my membership subscription? Yes, we are ACTIVELY working on it. Apologies.
What's the dev's payroll? TBD, now that we know what our member signups are.
I don't know if we'll release payroll or budget numbers outside the membership -- something we have to discuss.
What power does this foundation have over Bitcoin? Why did you make Satoshi the founder without his permission? We have no power over Bitcoin whatsoever.
I think we felt a foundation that didn't somehow acknowledge Satoshi would be a bit churlish, like ignoring Linus completely while making the Linux Foundation. Satoshi is, as always, free to participate as he/she chooses.
Has there been a growth in algorithmic trading of Bitcoins in the past year? If so, is that growth in algos added stability to the Bitcoin Market? I have no idea. But I'm curious about this too!
Why hasn't (almost) anybody heard of you before today? I keep a low profile. Until yesterday. Also, I gave up on the forums a long time ago; not productive enough for me.
That was very informative, thanks. Not that hard to grasp when somebody spells it out. The reason you do it is to provide a second element of value to a chain of transactions; the first element of value is consensus -- what everyone else says happens.
Is there a reason for doing this? Or just a way to pace the grinding nature of mining bitcoins? The second, arguably more powerful one is provable computation time spent on creating the consensus. So you can look at a set of bitcoin transactions and say "Ah ha, that had roughly [say] $1mm worth of computation time put in to securing and validating it! I believe it's safe to consider my $55 transaction secure."
Just out of curiosity, do you have any idea how many people have applied so far? Yep. We'll release end of first-month member numbers in 29 days. :)
How does one go about buying bitcoins? Probably the fastest way is to ask a friend who has some.
Next would be to use a service like Link to
How long are terms for each board member? Two years.
Will the Bitcoin Foundation promote a Vulnerability Reward Program ? I would like to see that, but I think the first things to do in terms of importance are on our published list.
Will the funds for a permanent memberships be put into an endowment, or will they be spent immediately? We haven't discussed it. Budget discussions are next couple of weeks, now that we have our heads around some numbers.
We also have to discuss if the foundation wishes to go long bitcoin, or instead spend to its annual budget. All TBD; if you have opinions send them on to your member reps.
I'm curious about this too. I'm not sure I understand how they work entirely. Maybe somebody could Explain like i'm five... Totally. They are confusing; it's a truly novel solution. Essentially it mixes something non-intuitive and magical-seeming (public key cryptography) with something very hard to imagine a solution for (distributed timestamping among non-trusted parties).
We will be seeing the concept extended out into a number of technology arenas over the next 25 years I imagine. It's an incredibly powerful solution-space.
I spent maybe an hour on the wiki reading the FAQ and everything, and it still makes references to "blocks" and "mining blocks" and those that mine have the option of transaction fees.. and I'm still not really sure what is happening. Yep, like I said. I've been thinking hard about them for two years, I have a cryptography background, and I still have 'a-ha!' moments weekly, at the very least.
There are a couple pretty good bitcoin explanation videos out there, but I'm not up to date on what the best one is. Maybe someone helpful can post a link.
After establishing support for food and shelter for Gavin, will there be opportunities for other bitcoin developers to apply for grants - maybe for specific implementations or features desperately needed. I'd love it. I think Gavin will be working out the specifics of what we want to do. I'd LOVE to see money put into a huge test suite, personally.
Thank you for furthering the effort of Cryptocurrency, I have written several policy papers in this arena, and look forward to the day where the deep web stigma is removed from the currency. Thanks FapNowPayLater! We genuinely appreciate the support.
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