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Dogecoin is Whuffie!

Excuse me if this is old news, but I've started reading Doctorow's Down and out in the Magic Kingdom and just realized - Dogecoin is Whuffie! (
Bitcoin may be money, but Doge is something else - and it fits!
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Noisebridge needs your Bitcoin donations

NoiseBridge is an anarchist hackerspace in San Francisco co-founded by Mitch Altman of Virtual Reality Fame and Jacob Appelbaum of Tor and Wikileaks fame.
They are open to anyone 24/7 for free. They have free hardware and software classes. They run one of the biggest Tor exit nodes.
Noisebridge treasurer, Danny O'Brien, issued this message today stating they are in panic mode and are in danger of being shutdown by July.
You can donate Bitcoin to the address found on this page.
I came across NoiseBridge's plea for help via BoingBoing article "Save Noisebridge!" by Cory Doctorow
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As Cory Doctorow put it, a computer is a machine for copying bits. If you put a cultural artifact into bits, it’s going to get copied. And anybody whose business model depends on stopping people from copying bits is f*cked, plain and simple. As horrifyingly accurate a prediction as Stallman’s “ Right to Read” is of the copyfascists ideal world, I think it’s about as plausible a ... All donation will be used to improve the Bitcoin education space. All content is for educational and information purposes only. Bitcoin is a highly speculative asset and you should talk with a financial adviser before making any important decision. Be careful with scams and keep the risk managed. Don’t trust, verify & hold your key. Some have seen parallels to Bitcoin in books ,such as Neal Stephensons Cryptonomicon published in 2002, Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom written in 2003 by Cory Doctorow, who described a Bitcoin-like currency Whuffie, and Future Imperfect by David D. Friedman published in 2008. In 1999, American economist and Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences Milton Friedman predicted the rise of ... Whuffie is the ephemeral, reputation-based currency of Cory Doctorow's science fiction novel Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom and his short story "Truncat". This book describes a post-scarcity economy: all the necessities (and most of the luxuries) of life are free for the taking.A person's current Whuffie is instantly viewable to anyone, as everybody has a brain implant giving them an ... The term Schneier's law was coined by Cory Doctorow in a 2004 speech. The law is phrased as: He attributes this to Bruce Schneier, who wrote in 1998: "Anyone, from the most clueless amateur to the best cryptographer, can create an algorithm that he himself can't break. It's not even hard. What is hard is creating an algorithm that no one else can break, even after years of analysis." Similar ...

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